Personal Trainers

Leonie Wilson

Leonie has been a personal trainer at Adrenalin Gym for 3 years and has a passion for health and fitness. She can develop a training regime tailored to your specific goals and appropriate to you fitness level.

Brooke Snehotta

Brooke is our head Personal Trainer at our Rye location.

Brooke specialising in all aspects of training and will help you reach your fitness goals.



Serge Midlovets

Sergey lives locally with his wife and 4 daughters. He has years of experience as a Myotherapist and enjoys using a range of techniques within his treatments. These include massage, dry needling, cupping, ultrasound, MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), biofeed back, myofacial release and manual lymphatic drainage.

Leonie Wilson

Leonie is also a qualified nutrition scientist who has a wholefood approach to nutrition with an emphasis on mindful eating. Consultations are tailored to the client’s needs with a focus on educating the client on the why as well as developing an understanding on how to achieve their goals.

Raise The Bar Custom Catering


RTB like to do things a little differently... All their food is always FRESH! never frozen.

All their meals are weighed, individually, with COOKED weight. What the label says is what you get.

They prep your orders twice weekly so that you don't have to freeze your meals. They not only offer  'Standard' & 'Custom' meal packs, they can completely tailor your order to your EXACT requirements.

Fresh meals delivered twice a week!

5 meals $13 each

10 meals $12 each

15 meals $11 each 

Can be picked up from any of our gym locations.

Email or call 03 5973 6578